Apr 11

Celebrity 'Help Wanted' List -

Want to do some community service? Helping people help people…

Apr 10

Interview with a "Racist" -

Agree with him or not, but don’t deny his brilliance.

Apr 09

Racists! -

"These days, “racist” is the favorite smear word for the ideologically intolerant." -Jim Goad

Apr 04

Kris Humphries is a Douche -

Week in Review from Bruce Cochran

Apr 02

Rick Santorum, I Hate Your Face -

The Word of Goad. Amen.

Mar 31

Henry Rollins, Please Shut Up -

Join our Black Flag debate in the comments section…

Mar 30

Don't You Just Hate the Truth? -

Just because someone says something you don’t like doesn’t mean it isn’t true. It doesn’t mean they don’t have a right to say it either.

Scandal for Apple Inc. -

Apple was audited recently and now stock prices are sliding. 

Mar 28

Mortal Combat From a Feminine Perspective -

Steve Sailer on the Hunger Games and why the movie is bunk.

Mar 22

Touching Yourself for Charity by Jim Goad

Golf's New Boy King by John M Clarke Jr

Mar 15

Are You a Sci-Fi Fan?

Mar 14

Do We Need the Council Created to Regulate Aggregation, Bloggers? Probably Not, But Aggregators Ought To Attribute and Direct Traffic to the Source. -

Council Created to Regulate Aggregation, Bloggers
Information hits the Web and just like that the news spreads like fire. Stories are frantically re-reported and some are missing an important detail — attribution. David Carr, media reporter for The New York Times, wrote an article on Monday about a group of editors who plan to establish guid…

Mar 13

Kim Dotcom Says Govt. Officials Use Megaupload -

Read Gavin McInnes on the big brouhahah here:


French Police Raid Bettencourt House -

Read the back story here: